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Join us
Friday February 2nd at 6 p.m.

This event is family friendly and will offer refreshments, awesome street parking
and meet and greet the a

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Evans Debeza I was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta along the banks of the Sunflower River where Humphreys and Washington Counties meet. I am the middle of five children, and

grew up splashing in the levees of soybean fields, wading through the swamps, and

fishing for Catfish along the pond banks with my brothers and sisters. During my high

school and college days, I loved attending local blues bars and blues fests, dancing the

night away to the blues music until the mosquitoes came out. When I wasn't dancing or

playing in the fields with my siblings, I would hole myself up in my room and paint for

hours. At a very young age I grew to love the old brush and canvas, and I have carried

that love with me for most of my life. 

Fast forward a few years, I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2013 with a

Bachelors in Architecture, and relocated to Chicago to pursue my lifelong dream of

becoming an Architect. I have now lived in Chicago for the last 10 years, and in that

time, I have gotten married, achieved my architecture license, and had two children.

While I am a licensed and practicing architect, my greatest passion continues to be

painting. After taking a multi-year break from art to focus on my children and

architecture career, I have recently returned to painting and look forward to continuing

my artistic journey.

My artwork primarily focuses on capturing the culture, history, heart & soul of the Delta

through landscapes, agricultural and blues-centric paintings. Even though I left the

Mississippi Delta well over a decade ago, the Delta and its soul have never left me. 


John-Rhys Garcia

Born in the Philippines, migrated to Chicago with his parents. He was always

inspired by the visual arts, specifically animation and photography. 90’s anime, with its scenic and moody

images, inspires the candid compositions, comprising of Chicagoans through commuting and every day city life. This Filipino Chicagoan aims to capture authentic and fleeting glimpses of moments, whether through pushing a pencil or the camera shutter button.


Erica Levi 

With a fine arts undergraduate degree, Erica Levi has long left the art world “officially” to build a career in tech as a UX designer. She paints on the side as a form of creative expression and relaxation. Her art is reflective of fleeting, everyday moments – those that may not be often considered. Her scenes are selected because they elicit specific reactions and thoughts that speak to her, but she hopes that each individual interacts with them uniquely, finding their own meaning in the work. 


Maribel Rodriguez, a resilient PPD mom, expresses her artistic voice through photography and mixed media. Her curated selection captures the poignant moments of postpartum depression and the rare serenity amidst the brief moments she can capture before chaos interrupts. The artwork, including a sample from the playful "Las Sirenas" series, adds a whimsical touch to Maribel's exploration of emotions. Maribel finds joy in the playful depiction of a happy place, imagining herself as a mermaid—an escape that brings a smile to the challenges of reality.

In these moments, she invites viewers into a visual narrative, sharing the beauty of vulnerability and the tranquility discovered amid life's relentless pace. 



Cheryl Flack is a papercutting and collage artist from Evanston, IL.  While always creatively inclined, Cheryl didn't begin to hone her papercutting craft until her early 60s during COVID lockdown. In May, 2020 she started by playing with abstract designs and patterns, in addition to collaged compositions made from remixed print media images. Every piece in Cheryl’s artwork is cut by hand. She started venturing into representational pieces by making pet portraits for friends and participating in Instagram art prompts such as Still Here Still Life and Room Portrait Club, which present images each week, encouraging artists from around the world to respond in their medium and style. She has since been featured on Room Portrait Club multiple times, and on the official Adobe Create instagram.


In recent months she's also developed an interest in using re-purposed frames, which she salvages from thrift and second-hand stores, accidentally creating a minor hobby of art collecting along the way. You can keep up with Cheryl and her art on her instagram, @cherylfbg


Kenn Cook Jr is a visual artist from the vibrant city of Chicago whose portfolio boasts features in local newspapers and prestigious publications, a testament to the impact of his storytelling through photography. His belief in the power of images to transcend barriers and connect people fuels his dedication to capturing the essence of his community and the world at large. Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago, Kenn's art is deeply rooted in his origins and inspired by the diverse narratives that surround him.

Kenn's photographic series, "In His Rest Collection - The Black Church," is a poignant exploration of the Black Church. Through a powerful visual narrative, these untitled images unfold the story of legacy and the tenacity of this long standing Westside church, Greater Garfield Church. 

At the heart of these images is the funeral of Pastor George Henderson, who served as the Head Pastor of Greater Garfield Church for over three decades. Pastor Henderson's profound impact on the congregation is not only evident in the somber moments captured but transcends through the intentional passing of the torch. Two months prior to his passing, Pastor Henderson installed his son, Courtney Henderson, as the new Head Pastor, ensuring the enduring legacy of Greater Garfield Church.

Kenn Cook Jr, drawing inspiration from his Westside roots and the storytelling prowess of influential photographers, weaves a visual narrative that extends beyond the solemnity of a funeral. It becomes a testament to the resilience of a community, the intergenerational passing of leadership, and the commitment to perpetuating the Gospel.

"In His Rest Collection - The Black Church" is a celebration of heritage, a reflection on the intersection of faith and community, and a dedication to preserving the profound narratives embedded within the sacred walls of the Black Church. 


Instagram: @ByKennCook

Twitter: @ByKennCook


Spenser Bower is an American artist currently based in Chicago, IL. His body of work often explores memory and the nature of relationships between individuals. His paintings seek to portray human and natural subjects through the lens of nostalgia and longing. His paintings give the viewer the impression of having been painstakingly copied as a means of edifying and holding onto meaningful vignettes so that they may transcend the distances of space and time between us. His paintings are a way to preserve a moment in time that is too fast to appreciate fully in the moment.

Bower is a multidisciplinary artist also working with textiles, making colorful graphic rugs as well as embroidery projects typically focusing on floral and animal subjects such as birds and plants. His body of work is broad and diverse but has a high-contrast cool blue and green color scheme that ties all the work together.

Alyssa Young is a Chicgao based Artist predominantly working with acrylic. Her work typically has a playfulness to it which we can contribute to her optimistic nature and approach to life. Recently Young has begun experimenting with oil and is in the current stage of redefining what it is that inspires her.  In what she would define as her own “Personal Evolution” her artwork has also began to take a shift. These latest paintings explore the journey of adulthood, acceptance and the memories that get buried along the way.

Will Sistine

Emotions are complex and foreign. How do
we feel, and how does that change? How
do we identify the feelings of others through
nonverbal communication-- body language?
Facial movement? How do we learn that
style of empathy?

Through study, I hope to communicate the
expression and microexpression of human
emotions through color as well as human

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