An avid painter since 2008 and Chicago transplant artist since 2014, I've played with a few different mediums such as acrylics, oils, and watercolors. 

My artwork is meant to soothe the mind and soul from the stress of the day. Typically, I enjoy using colors and blending them in geometric and asymmetrical designs. I honestly just really love working with colors. I draw inspiration from the pleasing lines I find around the city, from the dance clubs, parks, and the ever changing Chicago sunsets. I want to help encourage all my students to play and blend colors to find their peace. My belief is that art is and should be accessible to everyone! 

Since starting at Artspace, I love helping to inspire others to see colors in a new light! I've been working with new mediums and new ideas every week for the classes. I'm hoping with these ideas will help to build my own personal portfolio so I can have my own art show in the future. Maybe even paint some of my art into the Logan Square landscape! Let's get to creating together!



I really enjoy helping people from all ages to make art. I get to see a different side of people that is often not evident in any other situation. Kids are the best! As artists they do not hold back. Their creativity sits so close to the surface it's always ready to present itself. It's truly a privilege working with young artists and accompanying them on their art journey. When you come to ArtSpace I'll probably be the first person you'll meet!

As a bilingual Mexican-American I have the honor of being part of the beautiful Mexican culture and also a part of the exciting, opportunity filled American culture. 

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